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Spiritual Healing for Your Soul

Spiritual Healing for your Soul

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Violet Flame: The Highest Spiritual Healing Gift in the Universe!

Do you want to change?

The violet flame, a powerful spiritual energy, is the “miracle solvent” that can dissolve the negatives in your life….like a poor relationship, psychological hang-ups, financial troubles or just feeling you want something more from life.

Saint GermainThe violet flame can free you to receive the stream of positive energy descending from your Higher Self and help you realize your unique potential. Each time you call forth the violet flame, you are moving closer to the goal of uniting with your Higher Self as well as helping loved ones around you too.

If you feel disconnected to God, it may be the result of not using God's energy in a positive way - in other words, negative karma. This can result in depression, a sense of failure or just being stuck. Your soul might need the violet flame to dissolve these blocks. The violet flame, a special gift from Saint Germain, clears the records of past karma and harmonizes the flow of energy between yourself and other people.

Experiment by doing a few minutes of the Violet Flame each day and see what happens. Some have seen immediate results. Others may need to build a momentum over a period of time.

Affirmations and Visualizations for Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Healing

You can use a violet flame affirmation in the morning to clear the way for the rest of the day. Affirmations beginning with “I AM” are commonly used to achieve positive effects. When we say “I AM” we are really saying “God in me is."

Visualization along with meditation enhances the results of your affirmations and is an extremely effective spiritual work.

Affirmation BookletTry it yourself with the short affirmation along with the visualization below:

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires

You can also substitute the name of a family member in the affirmation.

[insert name] is a being of violet fire,
[insert name] is the purity God desires!

You Can Recreate Yourself with Light!!

meditationAre you ready to use another gift from God?

The Healing Thoughtform is another gift of God's Love scientifically formulated to restore you back to your original design.

Remember: "The Call Compels the Answer." God promises to answer our prayer for healing.

Recite the following prayer as you visualize the healing thoghtform below, composed of concentric spheres of God's healing light--a sphere of white surrounded by a sphere of blue suspended within a globe of green.

Healing Thoughtform"In the name of Jesus Christ and his presence with me in the person of my own Christ Self, I call to the heart of my own beloved I AM Presence and the angels of healing for the beautiful healing thougtform to seal me in the perfect light of God's own consciousness of my wholeness - now made manifest".

Mother Mary's Rosary for Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Healing

Mother Mary's New Age Rosary can be the secret for removing the sense of sin. Mother Mary teaches the rosary is a sacred ritual whereby all of God's children can find their way back to their immaculate conception in the heart of the Blessed Virgin.

Mother MaryReciting the New Age Rosary helps to remove the erroneous doctrine of original sin. Each one of us was conceived by God in our own immaculate design. All that is real about us came from God. All that is unreal will pass away as you become one with the Mother Flame (the feminie aspect of God). The daily giving of the rosary is a certain means to this oneness.

Many Years ago, Mother Mary appeared to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, our spiritual teacher, and through her asked us to daily pray the rosary. Mother Mary asked us to replace the words, "pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death," with:

"Pray for us Sons and Daughters of God now and at the
hour of our victory over sin, disease and death"

As you say this, you are affirming the victory over all outer conditons in your life. Did we not witness our Beloved Jesus experiencing the same victories in his life?

Mother Mary has promised to assist you, all disciples of Christ and those devoted to Her. She will pray for our victory if we will only pray to her, invoking her intercession in our lives.

Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, sons and daughters of
God, now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease, and

Join us on Sunday morning at 10:30 as we recite the rosary to Mother Mary.

Also join us for the Wednesday Healing Service, the Jesus Watch, Vigil of the Hours, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

The Chicago Teaching Center
2404 S. Mayfair Ave., Westchester, IL 60154

May God's Will be done for [add name here]
as requested by [add name here]
for the healing of the following condition: [name condition here]
We accept it done right now in full power with most grateful hearts. Amen

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