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Our Chicago Community Teaching Center is affiliated with The Summit Lighthouse, an organization dedicated to sharing and practicing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. There are study groups and teaching centers around the world. 

Many members of our local group are Keepers of the Flame, those who have chosen to keep the flame of light blazing by the offering of daily decrees (dynamic spoken prayers). The Keeper of the Flame Fraternity is sponsored by the Aquarian age hierarch, the Ascended Master Saint Germain. The fraternity is a non-denominational fraternity. It welcomes people of all faiths; there is no need to leave one’s church. 

Click here for more information about this fraternity.
Click here for more information about Saint Germain, the man who would not die.

On February 10, 1974, ascended Master Saint Johannes, (Pope John XXIII), through the messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, announced the formal inauguration and formation of a church, Church Universal and Triumphant. This newly formed church was dedicated it to be the open door of the Divine Mother to receive individuals from every walk of life.

Pope John XXIII or Saint Johannes, was renowned for his simplicity, humor, charity and warm personality. The Ascended Master Johannes has told us that he wears at inner levels, “the mantle of the spirit of oneness, the spirit of unity in the true Church,” because of his role in drawing together all Christians.

The founding purpose of the Church Universal and Triumphant is to bring that kingdom of our Lord, his heaven and his Church, into universal manifestation on earth. Those who decide to join the church, become communicants, vowing to attain more of the light of God in order to bless others with that light. For more about this outer spiritual path, click here.

Come visit us at our local teaching center, won’t you? — We’d love to meet you, and share with you The Teachings of the Ascended Masters® – Heart to Heart.

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