Sacraments & Holy Orders

Our Local Minister – Carol Cobb

Rev. Carol Cobb has been a minister of Church Universal and Triumphant for many years, serving on its board for 4 years and as an elder of the church for 6 years.

She has led the Chicago Community Teaching Center for 9 years and spearheaded the thrust to buy a new church 20 years ago!

A master negotiator, Carol partnered with her husband Bernie and they built a thriving and lucrative real estate practice. Now retired and widowed, she continues to generously share what she’s learned from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters®. Carol has two sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law and four beautiful grandchildren.

Our local minister provides:

• Sacraments for our local community
• Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Coaching
• Conducts many of the Sunday Worship Services.

Sacraments include:

• Baptism
• Holy Communion
• Confirmation
• Marriage
• Anointing the Sick (including Last Rites)
• Ordination

Holy Orders

Sponsored by the Ascended Master El Morya and Mother Mary, the Holy Order devoted to the Diamond Heart is open to all disciples of Jesus Christ who feel called to join other devotees in creating, through prayer and visualization, the Diamond Heart of planetary dimensions.

This Holy Order is dedicated to the giving of one’s heart through devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus. By offering devotions to God’s will, you can bring forth the perfect inner pattern or “blueprint” for your own soul.

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