The Roots of Our Spiritual Beliefs

If you are among those who keep an open mind and who are eager to learn new and scientific truths, keys that will unlock your full potential and free you from a sense of drudgery and frustration — if you are looking for a more effective means to help your family and friends and at the same time discover your inner Self — if you believe there is a purpose to life—that the spark was not intended to go out—then we invite you to visit us.

At the Chicago Community Teaching Center, there are spiritual seekers of many faiths. Our beliefs unify us in that we believe in the truths of many of the world’s major religions of East and West. For more than forty years, we have come together to study and practice their mystical paths.

We regard the saints in heaven as those who have graduated from earth’s schoolroom, whom God has received. We call them Ascended Masters, whereas Christians call them saints. We do not worship the Ascended Masters, however we recognize that they are our elder brothers and sisters and that they can help us on the path of life.

The teachings of the Ascended Masters bring to us a personal message of inner divinity—a message contained in every religion of the world. This fundamental principle is that we, as sons and daughters of God, have the potential to ascend to God as Jesus did. Our beliefs can be traced to the mystical origins of Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Confucianism Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Islam.

There have always been mystics who have plumbed the depths and scaled the heights of the soul’s potential. Their lives and teachings serve as a road map that leads scientifically to the summit of being.

At our center, members participate in sacred rituals and study inner temple teachings. By so doing, we believe that we are all on a path of perfecting our souls, of doing good works, of balancing our karma and fulfilling our reason for being.

We differ with the orthodox Judeo-Christian tradition in that we believe in karma and reincarnation, that the soul is a continuum, and that we have lived before from the beginning with God and shall continue by his grace.

The Ascended Masters’ goal is to bring liberation to all souls everywhere who seek spiritual freedom; to all those who sense their own innate divinity and wish to express and develop it.

To learn more about us, and our beliefs, we invite you attend our Sunday worship service, to explore our bookstore, or to share with us during our Sunday Fellowship hour.


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