Leon Larue Turnbough HomeGoing

photo of Leon Turnbough

Leon Larue Turnbough

HomeGoing Memorial Celebration
for Leon Larue Turnbough
October 24, 2020
Memorial Service: 10:45 a.m.

In lieu of flowers the family is asking that you please consider sending a gift of love to the following:

Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapter
8430 W Bryn Mawr Ave #800
Chicago IL, 60631

Virtual Participation

If you are unable to attend in person, please feel free to participate in our HomeGoing celebration virtually!

On a desktop or laptop with video and audio, click this link: https://webinar.anymeeting.com/476-826-611

On a Smartphone (Android or IOS)

• open the app “AnyMeeting”
• enter the following: Meeting ID: 476-826-611

By phone
Phone Number: (716) 273-1030
Access Pin#: 476-826-611#

Leon Larue Obituary


2020 National Election Prayer Vigil

Hosted by the Washington D.C. Teaching Center
September 5-6, 2020

Free Broadcast from the Chicago Teaching Center

Register Below


Prayer Vigil Flyer
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Letter from Rev. Kenneth Frazier
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Full Prayer Vigil Brochure
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Friends of Freedom Arise! – Video
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Register for the In-person Chicago Program online at the link below.

You can be registered online up until Thursday Sept 3rd and

In-person at the Teaching Center on the following Saturdays in August: 16th, 23rd, and 30th.


If you have trouble with registration, please contact 708-409-0335



If you are currently experiencing any COVID-19 or Flu-like symptoms
such as the following, please feel free to join us from home online:
Shortness of Breath
Rash (of any kind)
Stomach Pain (intestinal issues of any kind)

Health/Procedural Guidelines

All Vigil participants are to sit 6 feet apart.

The wearing of a mask is not mandatory, yet is welcome to be used by the participant.

Hands must be washed and sanitized upon entering and exiting the sanctuary or a new room in the church.

Single-use items such as tissues, paper cups, plastic cutlery, napkins etc. must be disposed of immediately after use.


Chicago Community Teaching Center
2404 Mayfair Avenue, Westchester, IL


Summit University in Chicago!

The Re-Creation of Self—Healing with Mother Mary and the Great Lord Sanat Kumara

The Re-Creation of Self—Healing with Mother Mary is a special Summit University
Seminar on the Blessed Mother, who serves on the green ray of healing, wholeness and abundance.

The seminar is focused on the healing and renewal of body, soul and spirit, with a special emphasis on the resolution of our personal psychology.   Also included are teachings on the age of the Divine Mother and how to bring more of the abundance of the Mother into your daily life.

Therefore it is now most essential that you assess yourself, the capacities of your respective four lower bodies, that you seek to increase those capacities and yet observe the law of the sine wave, of the going within, of the necessary rest, the necessary re-creation of the four lower bodies and the pacing of yourself.  That pacing, beloved, is most essential because only in the cycles of time and space can all things be fulfilled.

—Mother Mary

For more information see our flyer below:


For more seminars in your area please visit The Summit University Website.

¡Summit University en Chicago!

La Re-Creación del Ser—Curación con la Madre María y el Gran Señor Sanat Kumara

La Re-Creación del Ser—Curación con la Madre María es un Seminario especial de Summit University sobre la Bendita Madre, quien sirve en el rayo verde de curación, integridad y abundancia.

Este seminario está enfocado en la sanación y renovación del cuerpo, alma y espíritu, con un énfasis espacial en la resolución de nuestra psicología personal. También se incluyen enseñanzas sobre la era de la Madre Divina y sobre cómo traer más de la vida abundante de la Madre a tu vida diaria.

Por lo tanto es ahora sumamente esencial que te evalúes a ti mismo, las capacidades de tus respectivos cuatro cuerpos inferiores, que busques incrementar esas capacidades y que con todo  observes la ley de la onda sinusoidal, del ir hacia adentro, del descanso necesario, la necesaria re-creación de los cuatro cuerpos inferiores y la moderación de tu paso. Ese paso moderado, amado, es sumamente esencial porque sólo en los ciclos del tiempo y el espacio pueden llegar a cumplirse todas las cosas.

—Madre María