REGISTRATION – 2020 National Election Prayer Vigil

ATTEND IN-PERSON – Chicago Teaching Center Registration for America Awake! Blaze the Flame of Freedom!

  • Participate LIVE and IN-PERSON at the Chicago Teaching Center in Westchester, IL. for the National Election Prayer Vigil broadcast from the Washington DC Teaching Center on Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th.

Agreement to Attend at the Chicago Teaching Center


    I understand and agree that I assume the risk for myself and my personal possessions during the America Awake!  Blaze the Flame of Freedom! Labor Day Prayer Vigil (hereafter “Prayer Vigil).  

    I hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Church Universal and Triumphant, The Summit Lighthouse, and their subsidiaries, affiliates and supporting organizations(collectively, the “Church”)their officers, Boards of Directors, employees, volunteer workers, agents and representatives from any claims, demands or causes of action arising from or involved in any way with my voluntary participation in the Prayer Vigil held at the Church Universal and Triumphant Community Teaching Center of Chicago from September 4-6, 2020.

    I understand and agree that I am solely responsible for anyand all medical expense that I may incur as a result of accidental injury or illness, including COVID 19, during or resulting from my presence at the Prayer Vigil.

    I hereby agree to take all reasonable precautions and all precautions required by the State of Illinois and other pertinent authority in order to gather and participate in this Prayer Vigil.


    I hereby give to Church, its subsidiaries, affiliates, related organizations, successors and assigns and any person acting under their authoritypermission to publish in any medium (including electronic), distribute, broadcast (including streaming audio and video), televise, promote, license, sell or copyright for religious, educational, commercial and related promotional purposes, photographs, videotapes, filmstrips, motion pictures and/or sound recordings and written statements or testimonials produced directly by Church or under its sponsorship, which may include the image or likeness of my person and/or my voice and written comments, specifically pertaining to:

    America Awake!  Blaze the Flame of Freedom!  Labor Day Prayer Vigilat the Church Universal and Triumphant Community Teaching Center of Chicago, September 5-6, 2020.

    Further, I hereby give to Church authority to include use of the above matter with or without my name, with changes or additions or deletions to such matter, and with or without testimonial copy in such a manner as shall seem appropriate and proper to Church.

    I hereby release, indemnify and hold Church harmless without limitation, from any claims, demands or causes of action including, but not limited to, any and all claims for invasion of privacy or infringement of my personality, moral or intellectual property rights in regard to the production, distribution, sale and/or use of the materials described above.



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