Special Session: Maitreya Discourse Zoom Study – All Invited!

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Please Join Us for The Maitreya Discourses Study Group on

Sunday, January 23rd at 2:30pm, CST on zoom


Jesus announced the opening of Maitreya’s Mystery School in May of 1984. He told us that the Mystery School of Lord Maitreya is “the open door of the coming of the golden age.” He explains that Maitreya is physically present, not as he was in the first Eden, but by the extension of ourselves in form through the messenger and the Keepers of the Flame.

Soon after the announcement of the opening of his Mystery School, Lord Maitreya began a series of profound discourses. He asked us to search these teachings and to discover in them the keys to this Age of Maitreya. They are compiled in the book Teachings from the Mystery School: The Maitreya Discourses.

On Sunday, January 23rd , Surya Day, we will be exploring chapter 7 of this
powerful book. We will learn about a special gift we can receive
from Maitreya that will help to bring us closer to God and
bring in the Golden Age.


All Are Invited for this Special Session!
(No need to have attended before.)


We may access the study questions for chapter 7 at this link:
If we don’t yet have the book, the Pearl of Wisdom for chapter 7 is found here:  https://www.summitlighthouse.org/pearls/1985pows/851230MA.html

We look forward to seeing you then! 😊

Rev. Deirdre Burrell (facilitator)
Br. Lawrence Robin (co-facilitator)
Sr. Adrienne Lindsey (co-facilitator)

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