Create Lasting Abundance in Your Life

Unlocking Abundance and God’s Love in Your Life

Here are some keys to Creative Abundance for you:

1. Be grateful for everything that happens to you.
2. Forgive yourself.
3. Abandon anxiety.
4. Fire up your faith.
5. Visualize your dreams coming true.
6. Practice the immaculate concept.
7. Clear your subconscious.
8. Make a treasure map.
9. Follow the nine steps to precipitation.
10. Meditate on the creation of the cloud of infinite energy.

Do these keys work? For many years thousands have found true abundance in their lives by applying the teachings from the Ascended Masters. Saint Germain, the Master Alchemist, provides many tools to use in our daily lives to live a more abundant life.

“Creative Abundance: Keys to Spiritual Prosperity” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Page 3 – The Kingdom of God-Abundance and Grace

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