Create Lasting Abundance in Your Life

The Kingdom of God Abundance


The Teachings of the Ascended Masters provide Keys to the Kingdom of God.

You have been waiting for this message for a long time. You don’t have to look very far because the message is right within you.

The Ascended Masters will provide you with:

• The Message of the Higher Self
• The inner guide and the teacher within
• The message of the heart.

You have a unique destiny, a special mission.

Finding your own mission 

The path of the Ascended Masters provides the keys you need to fulfill your unique destiny and special mission. Once you begin the study the Ascended Masters teachings and apply them to your life, you will find the tools you need in the upward climb.

The path of the Ascended Masters is well marked by the footsteps of those who have gone before us. The saints East and West have walked where we walk. They are highly qualified to teach us because their earthly experiences mirror our own.

The Ascended Masters have balanced all of their personal karma (misuse of God’s energy), completed their own unique mission and ascended back to the heart of God.

Keys to the Kingdom

The keys are powerful spiritual tools helping us make positive changes in our lives and in the world around us.

Video: “Your Causal Body Treasures” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Prayer is the language of the soul

Talking to God, prayers can make a big difference for you and others. Many received intercession and assistance through prayer.

Video: “Learning to Care for the Soul” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Science of The Spoken Word – scientific prayer

The science of the spoken word, includes decrees, songs, mantras, fiats and chants. Practicing brings ou closer to your Higher Self, your Real Self. The increased presence of God in your life will help to create positive change in you and the world around you.

Plug into God every day. Charge your battery!

If you are not plugged into God everyday with the Holy Spirit, your daily life can be difficult. Remember, God is the allness of you and in you. God and his angels can work through you and in you. Plug into God and your Higher Self. Make a miracle happen.

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