Create Lasting Abundance in Your Life

Bring the Holy Spirit into your life

Spiritual and Material Abundance
The coin of the realm is not the only kind of abundance that there is in life. The Teachings of the Ascended Masters® brings you a wealth of information that can immensely improve the quality of your life by tying you closer to the Holy Spirit and your Holy Christ Self.

Below are many other keys to the kingdom.

• Learn the Ascended Master teachings on alchemy and abundance

• Practice the many formulas for supply and spiritual keys for precipitation

• Learn to bring more spiritual Light into your world

• You can make contact with your Higher Self, your true inner being

• Practice the Science of the Spoken Word, meditation, prayer, and affirmations, to find the way to spiritual and material abundance.

The Ascended Masters recognize the intimate connection between spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. The Ascended Master teachings give you lots of tips for pursuing the wholeness that is your divine birthright.

The many published books, audio tapes and videos provide you with powerful insights and tools for wholeness based on the science of the body’s energy system, your spiritual energy centers or chakras.

The Ascended Master teachings draw from the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions to show you how to nurture your soul through seven stages of personal growth. The teachings on the human aura include meditations, affirmations and visualizations to help increase the energy flow within you. By applying the Ascended Master’s Teachings you can learn spiritual practices to help restore your body’s energy balance.

In the book The Human Aura: How to Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras, the Ascended Masters Kuthumi and Djwal Kul unveil the mysteries of the human aura. This book explains the meaning of the aura’s colors and how you can strengthen, purify, expand and protect it. Click here to for more information about this book or to order

Other Ascended Master teachings provide the opportunity for you to learn and practice the New Age Spiritual Rosary and prayers to Mother Mary. You can become a true disciple of one of the Ascended Masters by applying the teachings to your everyday life.

To purchase publications of the Ascended Master teachings, you can visit our Local Bookstore in Westchester following Sunday Worship Service. The publisher for the Ascended Master teachings is Summit University Press. Summit University Press is a known pioneer in practical spirituality.

Click here For information.

Pearls of Wisdom are printed messages from the Ascended Masters. Among them are Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Krishna, Enoch, Kuan Yin, Saint Germain and El Morya. In Pearls of Wisdom, the Ascended Masters share their wisdom, guidance and practical techniques for rekindling our spirituality and meeting the challenges of our time. Pearls of Wisdom are an unparalleled source of insight, inspiration and renewal.

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