Improve Your Relationships

The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships

The Ascended Masters have provided many spiritual tools to assist you improving relationships. These spiritual tools include affirmations, visualizations and meditations. You can also invoke the Violet Flame, a powerful spiritual energy. The violet flame can help achieve the blessing of forgiveness in your relationships. Using these simple prayers, visualizations and affirmations can help you dissolve the underlying causes of problems and increase harmony in relationships.


Soul Mates and Twin Flames

The quest for love and for your perfect mate is really a quest for wholeness. Three types of romantic relationships help lead to this wholeness: twin flames, soul mates and karmic relationships.

Finding the perfect love

The Ascended Masters have told us the search for our twin flame is the quest for wholeness. Elizabeth Clare Prophet has provided many teachings on the subject of Twin Flames and Soul Mates. These teachings provide advanced spiritual formulas to help you to access your Higher Self, and to attract your ideal partner. The Teachings of the Ascended Masters offer special in-depth teachings for the perfect opportunity to study, reflect and to apply timeless spiritual truths to your life.

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