Improve Your Relationships

Develop a Relationship With Angels
How to Talk to Angels

Ten Steps to Making Friends with an Angel

• Make room in your life for angels
• Pray aloud
• Use the name of God
• Give prayers and decrees daily
• Ask for help
• Repeat decrees and prayers
• Send your prayer to the right address
• Be specific
• Visualize what you want to happen.
• Expect a miracle

Expand the connection you already have with angels

The angels want to be a part of your life. They are ready to help you solve problems, big and small! Angels can bring you closer to your real self, or your spiritual self.

Make room for Angels in your life. Let your presence be known. Picture of your I AM Presence. Most of us have experienced someone saying to us, “I felt your presence today”. What does this really mean?

Each one of us has our own individualized I AM Presence. In the picture above, the white sphere surrounded by the colored rings is the I AM Presence. Your I AM Presence, your own individual spark of Light, is the highest part of your being. When you are connected to this higher self, the light of God is released to you just as you see in the picture. The Light descends around you like a Tube of Light, as you see above. When we have more of God’s Light around us, our aura or our Presence is even stronger.

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