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Violet Flame: The Highest Gift in the Universe!
Violet Flame Affirmations
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The Tube of Light – A Gift to Your Soul
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Violet Flame – The Highest Gift in the Universe!

Make your life the best ever!

Are you living the life you dreamed of when you were a young child?

Would you like to find a greater purpose?

Do you want to change in your life?  Do you have any negatives in your life you want to get rid of?  Try the violet flame from St. Germain! St. Germain’s gift of the violet flame is a cosmic eraser.

The violet flame, a powerful spiritual energy, is the “miracle solvent” that can dissolve the negatives in your life….like a poor relationship, psychological hang-ups, financial troubles or just feeling you want something more from life.

The violet flame can free you to receive the stream of positive energy descending from your Higher Self and help you realize your unique potential. Each time you call forth the violet flame, you are moving closer to the goal of uniting with your Higher Self as well as helping loved ones around you too.

If you feel disconnected to God, it may be the result of not using God’s energy in a positive way – in other words, negative karma. This can result in depression, a sense of failure or just being stuck. Your soul might need the violet flame to dissolve these blocks. The violet flame, a special gift from Saint Germain, clears the records of past karma and harmonizes the flow of energy between yourself and other people.

When you invoke (pray for) violet flame in the name of God, it descends as a beam of spiritual energy and bursts into a spiritual flame in your heart as the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation.

The violet flame works a little like soap. Soap gets dirt out of your clothes by using the positive and negative charges of atoms. It works because each of its molecules has two sides – a side that is attracted to dirt and a side that is attracted to water. The dirt-loving side attracts the dirt, like a magnet attracts paper clips when it is dragged through a box of them. The water-loving side sticks to the water, carrying the dirt with it.

Experiment by giving a few minutes of a Violet Flame decree each day and see what happens. Some have seen immediate results. Others may need to build a momentum over a period of time.

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